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VOIPconnect links traditional PSTN networks with new generation voice over IP providers. It is a reliable gateway for voice over IP – and offers automatic best-rate call routing, bringing your call costs down.

Unlimited PSTN carriers = more cost-effective call termination

Through our extensive relationships with major voice and data carriers, VOIPconnect lets your company connect to unlimited PSTN carriers, opening up a range of better call termination options. You can even choose different carriers for different destinations. For example, you could use one carrier for local calls and another for national calls. Each carrier’s destination costs can be built into the system, so that the most cost-effective route can be chosen automatically for each call.

Lower your call costs significantly

VOIPconnect’s technology automatically routes calls in a way that ensures the costs are as low as possible – without compromising on call quality. Our customers who use the service find that their call charges are significantly lower than when they were using traditional services.

Connect to almost anywhere in the world

VOIPconnect connects you to almost anywhere in the world. Send calls to other Asterisk servers and SIP phones, or can call ordinary analogue phones through the PSTN.

Custom configuration

You can configure the routing to carriers per rate plan, called number or caller ID – allowing higher quality routes for premium customers. Automatic failover and load balancing between carriers can also be set up easily.

Handy statistics and easy administration

With VOIPconnect it’s easy to see where your call costs are coming from. The service includes useful, comprehensive statistics, including data by extension, destination and call completion statistics for each carrier. It’s easy to manage too – a simple administration interface makes it easy for you to perform all sorts of tasks, including updating carrier rates (simply import data from a spreadsheet).

For more information about VOIPconnect or IP PBXs, or to find out how your business can benefit:

Runway.X1 uses Voice over IP Broadband Enhancement (ViBE) technology which does the following:

  • Quality of service is implemented in a completely different way.
  • Voice is treated as a data stream that has specific requirements for packet priority and spacing.
  • The required bandwidth budget is reduced to the compression format used.
  • Sites with ViBE links can be joined together to form private networks, improving security.
  • Backup links can activated without losing calls in progress.
  • ViBE enables the use of much more of the link's capacity.
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