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For companies who want greater control, flexibility, cost-savings and a wide range of features from their business telecoms system, TELVIVA ® from Connection Telecom ® is the ideal choice.

After extensive research, we’ve developed a platform that combines open source and licensed open standards applications to deliver our carrier grade IP Centrex PBX. As the best value-for-money hosted IP PBX in the South African market, TELVIVA ® is leading the way in a new wave of business telephony.

Reduces your total cost of telecoms ownership

Offering outstanding value for money, TELVIVA ® not only provides large saving on call costs, but also requires only small capital outlay. Your set-up costs and monthly operating costs will be much lower than you’d expect with a traditional PBX.

Choose a hosted, managed service or set it up in your private cloud

TELVIVA ® offers a hosted, managed option, meaning you can get on with your business and trust us to look after your telephony. With our proactive management and monitoring, you don’t need the in-house technical expertise that you might need for a complex traditional PBX or legacy system. If you prefer to host and manage it yourself, TELVIVA ® can be set up to operate in your own private cloud.

Minimal capital investment required

Your initial capital outlay is limited to handsets – there’s no bulky, expensive hardware.

Clever call routing saves you money

TELVIVA ® automatically routes your calls in the most cost-optimal way, via PSTN, GSM or VoIP.

Monthly subscription with no hidden costs

With a unique pricing model, you can expect to pay a single monthly fee. No hidden costs means that budgets are easy to manage.

Open standards – no lock-ins, low risk and cost-effective

TELVIVA ® can integrate with your other business systems. Choose your preferred network provider, voice termination partner and handsets. This vendor-agnostic approach lets you choose the most cost-effective option available.

Excellent range of features

TELVIVA ® gives smaller businesses access to a wide range of telephony features that were previously only available to larger businesses with big budgets.

User-friendly interface for easy administration

No technical knowledge is required to administer your TELVIVA ® IP PBX – call management, moves, changes, adds, billing and reporting can be handled from an intuitive web interface.

Free ongoing software upgrades

Our team of internationally-acclaimed software engineers constantly refined and upgrades the TELVIVA ® platform – and these improvements are available free of charge to our customers.

For more information about TELVIVA ® or IP PBXs, or to find out how your business can benefit from them:

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