How to choose the right phone system for your company

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Business phone systems as we know it have gone through a dramatic evolutionary alt
change in the last few years. Thanks to Internet Protocol (IP), companies now have far more choice, flexibility and features than ever before. 

Traditional PBXs (or company switchboards) have now evolved into IP PBXs. These systems make it possible for smaller businesses to access the type of communications services that were previously only available to big corporates with big budgets.

But with all the new technologies and options out there, choosing a phone system for your company has become rather tricky.

So how do you choose the right IP PBX?

You need to make sure that it meets all your company’s specific requirements for communications. For instance, a factory is going to have very different communication needs to a call centre. And an office of 50 people will have different requirements to a company with 1,000 employees spread over a number of locations.

Connection Telecom has released an easy-to-understand eBook that demystifies all the complicated choices and tech jargon. The eBook also has a handy checklist that’s really useful for asking questions of suppliers to make sure you’re comparing like for like.

Download the eBook here. It’s free!

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