The virtual receptionist is a no-brainer for companies that value efficiency

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For a growing business, it’s the same story for the entire staff, from CEO to interns: everyone has a lot to do. The same applies to your receptionist, and when he or she has to stop what they’re doing every five minutes to answer the phone, things may not run as smoothly as they need to. Luckily, it’s a problem that’s easy to solve.

Welcome the virtual receptionist

A virtual receptionist is a hosted PBX, auto-attendant service with intelligent call routing that will automatically greet and route calls based on your schedule. Besides providing a professional first impression for your callers, a virtual receptionist saves you time and money by freeing up your flesh-and-blood receptionist. Even when there are a million other things to do in the office — and there always are — everyone knows the phone cannot go unanswered. This system ensures every call is greeted and forwarded accurately and easily, no matter what chaos has erupted at the front desk.

The office administrator’s best friend

There are a number of reasons that your administrator will be thrilled to bring this tool into their arsenal:

  • Fast, easy web setup

The best part about a virtual receptionist is its flexibility. The best vendors can get your system set up, configured, and updated in a matter of minutes — without ever setting foot through your office door. Online tools are excellent, because there’s no hardware and no wires: just an easy portal that can be reached from anywhere.

  • Unlimited extensions

The right voice-based marketing automation provider doesn’t charge for each extension that calls will be routed to. A virtual receptionist routes to an unlimited number of extensions — for no extra fee.

  • Custom audio greeting

With the ability to upload custom sound files — recorded by you — it’s just like a member of your staff is answering your phone. There’s no robotic system greeting your callers: just a friendly voice saying hello and asking how they can help.

  • Speech recognition functionality

Callers hate fumbling with the phone to press 1 for sales or 2 for support. Instead, a virtual receptionist allows the same natural experience as a real receptionist. With speech recognition, the caller merely has to say who they’re trying to reach and the tool will route them straight over.

  • Advanced call routing options

Your complicated layers of multiple extensions might lead you to believe that unless your phone tree is as rudimentary as a cave wall drawing, you need a human being to do the routing. Untrue. With advanced call routing options, the options are limitless. You decide where the calls will go... and they go. That simple.

  • Self-service for callers

Your receptionist isn’t the only one who has an easier time with this setup. With a virtual receptionist, callers can get the information they need quickly and easily, without waiting on hold or being transferred. Office hours, store locations, etc. can be provided in an automated menu, as well as the ability for callers to access their account information, change their addresses or passwords, and more.

The virtual receptionist is quickly becoming the only way growing businesses want to handle their incoming calls: the sophisticated customisation options and the absence of hardware make it a no-brainer for companies who value efficiency and first-class customer support.


Setting up your virtual receptionist in our hosted PBX is easy. Give us a call for more information.

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