The benefits of PBX hosting in a business setting

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A growing number of companies are choosing to use virtual PBX solutions to handle voice communications. As this market grows in significance, appreciating the benefits is important. Here are the main reasons that enterprises should consider PBX hosting sooner rather than later.

The cost and complexity of hosting PBX hardware on-site can be too much for many companies, which used to give the advantage to bigger firms with better resources whilst leaving SMBs and start-ups in a difficult position.

But with hosted PBX services available, creating telephone systems that are operated and managed remotely in an IP-based environment, it is much easier for firms of all sizes to start reaping the benefits.

  • Resilience

Highly available hosted PBX solutions are liable to experience less downtime than on-site alternatives, thanks to the constant monitoring they receive.

Whenever issues arise, either with hardware components or connectivity, providers will leap into action to remedy the situation.

This also means that individual businesses do not need to worry about finding the cash to cover maintenance costs, leading to budgetary efficiencies.

  • Scalability

An oft-cited advantage of remote PBX hosting is that the boundaries of a system are defined by software, not hardware.

This means there are fewer limits to worry about and a telephone system can grow in unison with a business.

If capacity requirements increase seasonally or during certain events, then this type of service is also appealing, because it is possible to scale a system to meet demand and only pay for the usage that is required.

  • Management

Web or app-based control of a telephone system is offered thanks to PBX hosting, with no need to tackle this through on-site services.

This gives individual employees the opportunity to control their telephone interactions and also means centralised changes can be implemented even if you are away from the office.

  • Call features

Calls can be answered at the desk, forwarded to a mobile device or passed through to a home number depending on the requirements of a particular scenario.

PBX hosting means that the geographic location of staff is less relevant and so inbound and outgoing communications can be taken care of even if they are on the other side of the world.

Call routing, forwarding and answering services are all available in a virtualised telecoms environment, with a degree of future-proofing offered as a result of the remotely hosted nature of such setups.

  • Conferencing and collaboration

PBX hosting can help to improve productivity and streamline interactions between colleagues, clients and business partners.

Being able to collaborate on projects without sharing the same physical space is important in the modern market, allowing employees to remove the need to travel long distances to host meetings and helping to speed up the development of new innovations.

It is only a highly available hosted PBX platform that makes all of these benefits available and so it is important for companies to consider adopting this technology. The advantages PBX hosting can endow should really be experienced at first hand in order to be appreciated in full.


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