A hosted PBX is the perfect solution for the virtual call centre

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For businesses, looking toward a virtual call centre is a way to not only grow a workforce, but cut costs significantly as well. Not only does this deployment model offer lower costs and greater functionality, it can also open up a broader reach for those operating in nearly every industry.

Up until recently, virtual call centres had been held back by three main concerns:

  • Voice quality
  • Security
  • Reliability

What a hosted PBX does for the call centre is eliminate worry in regard to the aforementioned concerns, and provides businesses with flexibility, mobility and cost savings without compromising quality, reliability and advanced features.

A hosted PBX can also maintain your number. There is absolutely no coordination required with a service provider. It’s already there for you - in the cloud - so no physical movement is necessary.

Enterprises also no longer have to hire locally for specialised agents. They can find the best employees regardless of where an agent may live, which has the additional benefit of enhancing an organisation’s disaster recovery and business continuation plans. With a hosted PBX, businesses can populate their call centres with home or remote workers, and integrate workers that travel or work from branch offices.

Leading research firms suggest that total cost savings in the acquisition, operation and maintenance of virtual contact centre operations have been in the 25% to 50% range.

Companies do not need to incur the overhead involved with:

  • administration costs,
  • maintenance of offices,
  • late arrivals due to commuting problems,
  • and many other problems that are not part of a virtual contact centre setting.

A hosted PBX offers distributed and local call centre technology that can work with any combination of VoIP phones and analog phones - from any location.

From an organisational perspective, this setup enables you to save on infrastructure, equipment and other costs. A hosted PBX can make that happen for any sized business.


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